Course description

This course is designed for entrepreneurs who have either launched or are about to launch a small to medium-sized business and are ready to grow.

It covers the main sales practices that can be applied across any industry, whether you run a small to medium-sized business, a start-up, or a social enterprise. Whether you have already secured your first customer or are in the process of doing so, this course will support you to develop an effective sales strategy to help your business grow.

Get access to videos, practice activities, downloadable templates, and additional resources that will help you navigate the sales process and reach more prospects. Just click and start learning.

What's included

  • How long it takes to complete

    This course will take approximately 5 hours to complete

  • Flexible deadline

    You can take the course at your time and pace with unlimited access to the content.

  • Designed by YES

    YES is a non-profit that has been helping English speakers in Quebec start and grow businesses for 25 years.

What you will learn

This course is a combination of tools and frameworks that are being used by entrepreneurs all over the world, leading salespeople in Quebec, business mentors as well as YES business coaches.

  • Set long-term and short-term goals for your business and reflect on how an increase in sales might affect your capacity

  • Review a set of proven steps that leads to a successful sale

  • Discover your greatest strengths in sales while learning from other women entrepreneurs

  • Reflect on the importance of customer relationship and build your buyer persona

  • Choose sales techniques that work for you and your market

  • Discover different ways to close a sale and respond to objections

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Why anyone can sell

    • Navigating the sales process

    • Personal strengths in sales

    • Leverage your strengths

    • Key takeaways

  • 3

    Setting sales goals

    • The importance of goal setting

    • Set your sales goals

    • Planning your capacity

    • Key takeaways

  • 4

    Building customer relationships

    • Why do people buy?

    • Buyer personas

    • Build your buyer persona

    • The importance of building trust

    • Key takeaways

    • Mid-course quiz

  • 5

    Planning a sales process

    • Sales funnel

    • Planning customer interactions

    • Lead generation

    • Sales pitch for lead generation

    • Key takeaways

  • 6

    Moving your prospects from interest to decision

    • Nurturing your prospects

    • Elevating your pitch for prospects

    • Pitch to your prospects

    • Dealing with objections

    • Respond to sales objections

    • Key takeaways

  • 7

    Converting prospects into customers

    • Closing a sale

    • Dealing with rejections

    • Retaining existing customers

    • The cost of a customer

    • Key takeaways

  • 8

    Bonus: Customer journey mapping

    • The importance of mapping your customer journey

    • Map your customer journey

  • 9


    • Final quiz

    • Post-Course Survey

    • Resources

    • Goodbye message